What to watch on TV this winter

We've recently made some surprising choices in terms of our viewing. I'm a great one for rom coms and light-hearted feel-good films (Mr Lou not so much but he humours me). Last night we started not one but two such films.  We couldn't finish either of them.  Maybe we just weren't in the right mood,... Continue Reading →

How to get your kids to eat more veg

I don't know about you, but with the weekly routine out of the window during the Easter holidays and outings which somehow end up always involving pizza and ice cream, it can be hard to make sure the kids are still getting enough fruit and veg into them. May I introduce my new hero, Dr... Continue Reading →

Learning Something New

As humans we like to feel like we're progressing in some way, shape or fashion.  We've all learnt (and promptly forgotten?!) things at school or for a new job, but recently I've had the urge to try learning something new, well, just for the sake of it! I'm lucky enough to live near to the... Continue Reading →

Our new favourite family game

As much as I love playing games with the kids, some games can get a bit tiresome if they're not particularly challenging for us as adults.  Well, our new favourite ticks all the boxes and has had us hooked over half term. My son's headmaster recommended Splendor (sic).  The aim is to be the first to... Continue Reading →

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