What to watch on TV this winter

We've recently made some surprising choices in terms of our viewing. I'm a great one for rom coms and light-hearted feel-good films (Mr Lou not so much but he humours me). Last night we started not one but two such films.  We couldn't finish either of them.  Maybe we just weren't in the right mood,... Continue Reading →

Need a new boxset to watch this weekend?

Like Homeland? Like thrillers? Like fab British actors such as Mark Strong and Game of Thrones actor Joe Dempsie? We've been enjoying, sitting on the edge of our seat and engrossed in 'Deep State'. On Fox and Prime Video, Homeland-style opening credits, topical story lines and great acting, it's definitely a good boxset for this autumn.


I love a podcast!  In the car, on a train or whilst pottering around in the kitchen, these are my current favourites: Desert Island Discs I don't think this one needs any introduction, but for a nosey parker like me, getting insight into the lives of the famous, talented and sometimes controversial figures interviewed by... Continue Reading →

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