My favourite sweet potato recipes

I always enjoy cooking, and at the moment I'm finding particular satisfaction in trying new recipes or ways to ensure nothing is wasted.   I'm a big fan of sweet potatoes for their goodness (fibre, B vitamins, vitamin C, copper, potassium and manganese) as well as their taste but recently found myself with a glut... Continue Reading →

Fancy a curry this weekend?

Now the nights are drawing in, it's a good time to dig out some comforting recipes.  This one was spotted by a friend in the Waitrose magazine and has been a firm favourite in our house ever since! Keralan Cod and Coconut Curry I use whatever white fish I have in/is on offer (I recently did... Continue Reading →

My favourite orchard recipes

If you've got fruit in your garden or your neighbours have loaded you up with fruit and you're wondering how to use it up, then read on! Facebook followers of Lou Likes may have seen my post about a brilliant apple gadget which peels, cores and slices with the turn of a handle (it's true!... Continue Reading →

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