Kids’ subscription ideas

Need a gift for the lucky child who has everything and want to avoid more "stuff"? Here are my top tips for subscriptions: Aquila (8-12 year-olds) - each monthly issue covers a different topic (such as Light or Chocolate) and includes a variety of articles, puzzles and jokes.  My 10 year-old loves receiving his in... Continue Reading →

Gift ideas for gamers

If, like me, you have gaming/screen obsessed kids, here are some gift ideas, which might not get them away from the screen completely, but may tickle their fancy. Gaming related clothing - my son's favourite t-shirt is currently one with the slogan "I paused my game to be here" (lots of Amazon here).  I've also... Continue Reading →

Gift ideas for kids who love football

The Amazon links are affiliated. Should a purchase be made via the text or image links below it may result in small commission.  These gifts are genuinely enjoyed by my football-loving son. Personalised Match Attax cards - yes, I'm sick of the endless cards floating around the house too, but stick with me here....upload the... Continue Reading →

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