Free magazines, comics, e-books and audiobooks from the library

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I recently spent a wet afternoon snuggled under a blanket with my oldest reading piles of magazines. Not actual piles but virtual ones.  We had downloaded a digital app (for free thanks to our local library here in the UK) and were browsing our favourites (me – interiors, health and wellbeing; no 1 son – retro and current gaming including Minecraft).

On further inspection, we could have also read books, comics or listened to audiobooks via the app.  We live in Surrey so for us it’s RBDigital (check out the Surrey CC Library webpage on this).  The app is available on iOS, Android and Amazon (Kindle Fire).   Registering was simple – just our library card numbers and a few basic details and off we went.

I’m not sure whether this is just available for these lockdown times, but I would highly recommend checking your local library website to keep the whole family occupied (my youngest is just settling down with Match of the Day magazine and Mr Lou is eyeing up the cycling mags!).


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