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I’ve been taking the opportunity to indulge in my love of reading, soaking up the sun (while it lasts!) and hoping to set a good example to the boys (it’s working!) so thought I would share some of my recent reads.  I’ve linked to Amazon for ease but did you also know that libraries have a lot of books, magazines and comics digitally available for you to borrow?

The Holiday – TM Logan.  An easy thriller made all the more enjoyable for me as it’s set near Beziers and the surrounding area which we know and love.   It focuses on four friends who met at university and are now 40 somethings holidaying all together with their families in France.  Lots of drama and twists to keep you guessing right til the end.

The Hunting Party – Lucy Foley.  Strangely a similar theme of friends reuniting and drama unfolding but this time in very snowy and remote Scotland.  I thought I had it worked out but was completely wrong!  I was lent the paperback but I’ve just seen this is 99p on Kindle currently!

Queenie – Candice Carty-Williams.  I’m not surprised that this was long-listed for the women’s prize for fiction.  I loved it for the strong, brilliantly rounded characters who explore lots of thought-provoking issues but written in such as way you fall in love with the characters and go through all their emotions alongside them.

Between the Stops – Sandi Toksvig.  Earlier this year I took my mum to see Sandi on tour. She was funny, brilliant and inspiringly curious about everything.  We laughed when the next day Mum and I, unbeknownst to each other, had each arranged a copy of Sandi’s book to be sent to the other.  The book is cleverly hung off the stops of the number 12 bus and it’s an entertaining mix of facts and history of the parts of South London the bus passes through and anecdotes from Sandi’s life.

Next on my list is Ian McEwan’s Saturday, An American Marriage by Tayari Jones and I’m so excited that Marian Keyes has published a new book Grown Ups.

I always keep a list of recommendations on my phone so I’m ready for the next read so please let me know what I should add!

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