What to watch on TV this winter

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We’ve recently made some surprising choices in terms of our viewing.

I’m a great one for rom coms and light-hearted feel-good films (Mr Lou not so much but he humours me). Last night we started not one but two such films.  We couldn’t finish either of them.  Maybe we just weren’t in the right mood, but normally a cold January night calls for easy viewing to snuggle down to.  These were just too ridiculous, even for me!

More surprisingly, we’ve been enjoying – in a weird want to look but can’t look sort of way – Dracula (BBC).  I didn’t think it would be my thing at all but it’s really well done and the nun is a played particularly hilariously and brilliantly.

We’re also enthralled by the goings on in The Trial of Christine Keeler (BBC), very excited that Cold Feet is back on ITV and can’t wait for this Friday 17th January when the new series of Sex Education comes out on Netflix (if you didn’t catch the first series it is really good!).

Like your medical dramas? I’m still hankering after a new series of Grey’s Anatomy, but for now New Amsterdam (Prime) will have to be my fix.  Season 2 has just been released.

Oh, the two films that we couldn’t finish?  The Hustle (Anne Hathaway’s posh accent is grating) and Murder Mystery (just dreadful despite a promising cast which includes Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and David Walliams).

So what are you watching and what else should we avoid?

4 thoughts on “What to watch on TV this winter

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  1. I can’t wait for Sex Education too! WE have also enjoyed the Dark Materials on BBC 1… I have LOVED the morning show on Apple TV and Truth Be Told on there was also quite gripping (if a little unbelievable). I am a HUGE fan of Grace & Frankie on Netflix – a feel good oldie… and I love Jane Fonda. Also loving new series of Silent Witness. And if you have boys, the Grand Tour Christmas special was excellent – the boys have watched ig about 5 times!

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  2. I enjoyed Dark Materials too but I do think the latter parts worked better as a book. Silent Witness is unbelievably cardboard cutouts and stilted dialogue!

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