How to get your kids to eat more veg

Lou Lilkes: how to get your kids to eat more vegI don’t know about you, but with the weekly routine out of the window during the Easter holidays and outings which somehow end up always involving pizza and ice cream, it can be hard to make sure the kids are still getting enough fruit and veg into them.

May I introduce my new hero, Dr Chatterjee.  I’ve already written about his great book “The 4 Pillar Plan” in a previous blog so was delighted to find a brilliant tool in his new book “The Stress Solution” – the Eat the Alphabet Challenge.

I downloaded the printable sheet and explained the challenge to the boys.  Being competitive, they immediately launched themselves into it very enthusiastically, willingly trying all sorts of new vegetables which would have previously been shunned before I’d even managed to sneak them onto plates.  Wonders will never cease!  Admittedly, they haven’t eaten everything in quantities that might actually qualify as a “portion” but I’m very happy to take any wins I can, with my youngest declaring he now loves asparagus.

A friend also recommended Dr Chatterjee’s Rainbow Chart which aims for a similar variety, using colour rather than letter and looks great.

Why not give it a go!

And whilst you’re basking in the glory of your vegetable victory, you might even treat yourself to one of Dr Chatterjee’s “Feel Better, Live More” podcasts.  I’m working my way through them, but highlights so far are Matthew Walker on sleep, Vassos Alexander on running and I can’t wait to listen to Emma Willis on motherhood.


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