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As humans we like to feel like we’re progressing in some way, shape or fashion.  We’ve all learnt (and promptly forgotten?!) things at school or for a new job, but recently I’ve had the urge to try learning something new, well, just for the sake of it!

I’m lucky enough to live near to the wonderful Surrey Art School run by the lovely Ellie.  I’m definitely not a “arty” kind of person (so much so that my school art teacher suggested that it was perhaps best if I didn’t take it any further…) but it’s been so liberating spending a few mornings learning something new and totally focusing on the work in hand.  Given my love of writing, both the courses I’ve taken were, perhaps unsurprisingly, lettering based with the ever patient Leanda from Fine Letter Co.  Calligraphy surprised me requiring so many individual strokes to form each letter and brush lettering was much harder than I expected (in the picture, my attempts are the 2nd version of each line of text – getting the pressure of the brush correct was my biggest challenge) but we persevered and that in itself was very satisfying!

Earlier this year, I took part in a fantastic iPhone photography workshop with the
talented Abigail Fahey.  We learnt lots of great little tricks for using our phones to take better photos as well as some great composition and lighting tips.  I’m enjoying practicing what I learnt, even if they don’t always come out quite as I imagined!

Loulikes.co.uk iphone photography

So now I’m in the market for something else.  Hit me with your suggestions!



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