Our new favourite family game


As much as I love playing games with the kids, some games can get a bit tiresome if they’re not particularly challenging for us as adults.  Well, our new favourite ticks all the boxes and has had us hooked over half term.

My son’s headmaster recommended Splendor (sic).  The aim is to be the first to earn 15 points by accumulating points cards and bonuses using tokens.  The game is beautifully made and really makes you think about your strategy  – which cards should you be going for and in which order, how best to gain discounts and whether you want to try to earn extra points by collecting certain sets of cards. The official age is 10 upwards but I think an 8 year old would be fine with it (we also played it with an 18-year-old who enjoyed it just as much as we did!).

It works well with 2, 3 or 4 players and is really quite addictive!

What should we try next?




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