The secret to helping cut flowers last longer

Meadow Sweet

I’m laughing at the timing of this blog as “Mr Lou” doesn’t “believe” in Valentine’s Day, but if you are the lucky recipient of some flowers this week, here are some top tips for helping them last longer from the lovely Sophie at Meadow Sweet.

“The most important thing is using a clean vase.  This means cleaning any vases you have with a brush, warm water and a spot of bleach in between use” she says.

Bleach?  Who knew?! Then you recut stems with a sharp pair of scissors (on an angle may help to increase the surface area of the stem to aid water uptake).

“Use cool, or even slightly tepid water.  Definitely not freezing cold” explains Sophie.  “And if the flowers have been out of water for a while it’s best they are put somewhere cool and dark for at least a few hours so they can have a good drink.  If they go straight into somewhere too warm their heads can wilt before they rehydrate”.

I wondered whether the flower food that you get in those little sachets actually helps.  Apparently yes!  It helps keep the water clean from bacteria and provides sugar for the flowers to open up nicely.  “If you don’t have plant food, change the water every two or three days and recut the stems if you have time” says Sophie.

Sophie has made up for my lack of husbandly flowers (sigh) by sending me a gorgeously fragrant posy full of spring loveliness.  It came in its own re-usable vase, packed with a special gel to keep the flowers fresh.  I loved reading about what all the stems were and where they were from.

Meadow Sweet offers a weekly, fortnightly or monthly post delivery service (what a great gift idea!) as well as larger bouquets and flowers for events.

Will you be receiving any flowers this week?

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