My favourite family-friendly one-pot recipes

Brr!  It’s gone cold in the UK.  If you’re anything like me, the words “one-pot” and “winter warmer” make my ears prick up!

I’ve been trying a few family-friendly one-pots and thought I’d share my currents faves many of which I do in the slow cooker but can be adapted to a traditional cooking method.  I’d love to hear your favourites too!

slowcooker beefSlow-cooker beef stew: freezes really well. The kids claim they do don’t mushrooms so I just left those out and served it with some extra green veg.

Slow-cooker pork casserole: this is lovely and sweet with the last-minute addition of honey.  Next time I’m going to try their suggestion of adding apples. “Mr Lou” adores anything with meat and fruit!

Slow-cooker Moroccan Lamb: this is a super easy and absolutely delicious recipe from the Health Boost (they’ve got loads more fab recipes here).

A friend served this lovely Salmon Tray Bake last week and I’ve since made and adapted it to whatever fish and veg I had in.  Simple and light yet so tasty!

I’ve also previously posted about this hidden veg chilli recipe.  If only the kids knew how many veg they’d eaten as they scoffed it down with rice and tacos!

If you’re after some super healthy recipes, my lovely friend Ali has loads of great ideas over on

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