Gift ideas for gamers

gaming gift ideas.png

If, like me, you have gaming/screen obsessed kids, here are some gift ideas, which might not get them away from the screen completely, but may tickle their fancy.

Image result for image of I paused my game shirtGaming related clothing – my son’s favourite t-shirt is currently one with the slogan “I paused my game to be here” (lots of Amazon here).  I’ve also spotted these Fortnite socks which look like a bit of fun and my youngest has this Roblox hoodie which is gorgeously soft and gives them the double whammy of a game and a YouTuber (mine love Dan TDM).

Image result for image of guinness world records gamerBooks for gamers – as well as the usual annuals that are around (both the Roblox annual and encyclopedia were recently very popular birthday gifts in our house), did you know that Guinness World Records also do a Gamers Edition?  We love calling out a page number at random then looking up the facts.

Accessories – bluetooth headphones,  extra controllers for their chosen console or a gift card for some credits on their chosen game are all guaranteed to be well received too.

Finally, a great way of getting them outdoors though still attached to a device [sigh] is geocaching.  If you’ve not tried it before, read about here in my previous blog. There are some great little gifts such as a “trackable” which is a little tag which other finders move between geocaches and which you can give a mission to, or customised stickers or stamps to add into log books.  You can find a list of UK suppliers here

And of course, to get them away from the screen, there are plenty of ideas for board and card games and other gifts in my previous blogs!

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