Gift ideas for kids who love football Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Football

The Amazon links are affiliated. Should a purchase be made via the text or image links below it may result in small commission.  These gifts are genuinely enjoyed by my football-loving son.

Personalised Match Attax cards – yes, I’m sick of the endless cards floating around the house too, but stick with me here….upload the photo of the little footballer in action, set their stats and receive 5 professionally printed Match Attax.  My son is SO proud of his!  This season’s are due to become available very soon (end of November I believe), so highly recommend saving the above link.

Brainbox Football – a great one for all the family even those of us who don’t know anything about football! It’s a memory game.  You get time to study a team-based card, then your opponents will quiz you on the facts and images for that particular card.


World Football Stars is a fun matching game which I certainly enjoy, even as an adult. Both players face their side of the Connect-4 style board and try to get 5 in a row of the same player by taking it in turns to push out and replace multi-sided cubes.  Bonus points if the cards you’ve been dealt match the row, or steal your opponent’s points if their row matches one of your cards.  It’s made by the Top Trumps people (Top Trumps always makes a great gift in our view and the latest World Football Stars Top Trumps is a gold edition).

My son is a big Messi fan so we’ve got a Messi Training Ball on a string which is great for practicing footwork when he’s on his own in the garden. This training ball looks similar and is club neutral!

Personalised boot bag.  We’ve had lots of comments on my son’s boot bag which has been customised with a photo of a little boy with his name on the back of the team shirt.  I’m all in favour of practical but fun presents which avoid too much extra tat!  In fact, any kit goes down well – goalie gloves, an away kit, or my son’s latest pride and joy – a rain jacket for his local training club with personalised with his initials, so it’s worth checking out your local team’s kit site too.

Finally, for younger fans, combining learning with their passion works well.  We’ve had great use out of Top of the Tables – a times tables based game with a football pitch board where players must move and score according to the answer to a times tables questions.

That still leaves me wondering what I’m getting for my little football fan.  Any ideas gratefully received!

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