Self-guided walking tour app: review of Voicemap

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I recently had to go up to London for a short appointment and wanted to make the most of my time up in town.   I wasn’t in the mood to face the Oxford Street crowds and the forecast looked good so I didn’t want to spend time inside a gallery. I fancied getting in my daily steps and learning something new so searched for self-guided walking tours.

After much searching I stumbled across this great self-guided walking tour app which I think you will enjoy too!

It’s a GPS-based self-guided walking tour app called Voicemap.   As you walk along at your own pace, the app uses your location to play the appropriate part of your particular tour.  As my appointment took me to the medical area of London, I downloaded a tour on the medical history of Bloomsbury, plugged in my headphones and off I went.  It made me notice buildings I would have ordinarily walked past, told me stories of the people behind some amazing institutions and gave me an insight into the history of an area about which I know so little.

The tours cover many different countries such as South Africa, Brazil and Australia. Within the UK, tours include places such as Leeds, Ripon, Edinburgh, Oxford Cardiff and of course London (the one on Covent Garden street photography is next on my list).  Other tours that caught my eye include Paris, Vienna and Hamburg so if you’re planning a city break it’s worth checking the tour list.  The app is free to download, and tours are priced individually (many are around £2.99).  If you sign up to follow my blog, I’ll send you a code for a free tour as a thank you!

Lou’s top tip:  if you’re looking for an audio tour of somewhere that isn’t covered by Voicemap, I would also recommend Rick Steve’s Audio Tours for Europe. Whilst not GPS-based, the tours can be downloaded for free and we enjoyed the series he did on Rome when visiting last year.  I’ve recommended this to friends who visited Rome with kids and they also enjoyed it.



2 thoughts on “Self-guided walking tour app: review of Voicemap

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  1. Lou
    Delighted you enjoyed my Bloomsbury tour and thanks for blogging about it.
    If you have a spare moment (sounds unlikely with two boys), putting your paragraph review on the VoiceMap website or the tour would be most welcome!
    Next time, try the Soho tour!!
    Best wishes


    1. Thanks Nick. I was particularly moved by the Tracey Emin mitten by the Foundling Museum. I will be glad to add my review to the website. I’m not in town very often but I will certainly try the Soho tour next time!
      Thanks again for the informative tour.


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