Storing loyalty cards on your phone: Stocard app

stocardDespite the fact that I really LOVE my purse (I had dreamt of owning a Mulberry one for years!), since the advent of contactless and Apple Pay, I’m increasingly finding myself popping out with just my phone.  It’s very handy but I was kicking myself every time I missed out on scorecard loyalty points and offers, and feeling bad every time I failed to scan my Sparks card to donate to my chosen charity.

Then I read about an app which I thought I would try.  It’s called Stocard.

It’s easy to scan your store cards in using the app (I found all the ones I was looking for listed within the app) and once you’re at the till, the assistant scans your phone (or keys in the number which obviously does take a few seconds longer) and hey presto, you’re no longer having to carry all your loyalty cards around (and if you’re anything like me, I can never seem to find them at the right time in my purse!).

Within the app, there’s also an Offers section which summarises the current offers across your cards.  I’ve noticed it also makes recommendations for other store cards.

The next feature I’m going to try is to enable the card assistant (in the Settings section) which says it will remind you to use a card when you are near a known store and allows you to access it directly from the lock screen with one swipe.

I’ll let you know how I get on!

Download Stocard from iTunes

Download Stocard from Google Play



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