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I love a podcast!  In the car, on a train or whilst pottering around in the kitchen, these are my current favourites:

Desert Island Discs
I don’t think this one needs any introduction, but for a nosey parker like me, getting insight into the lives of the famous, talented and sometimes controversial figures interviewed by the brilliant Kirsty Young is a real treat for me.  As a tennis fan, I was fascinated by John McEnroe’s claim he’s really quite shy, and am halfway through Billie Jean King’s very honest interview about her fight for equal rights and coming out.  I also love picking ones where I don’t necessarily recognise the name and getting an insight into something completely new – an ex-US Ambassador, designers, scientists.  One episode which I will be sharing with my gaming-mad son is the one with DeepMind’s founder Demis Hassabis.  He’s a fascinating and inspiring artificial intelligence researcher, neuroscientist and computer games designer and in his youth, world-class chess player. He sold his company to Google.  He’s the same age as me so the music choices for his university years are particularly fab and he has great advice for wanna-be games designers.

30-minute pieces of a great variety of topics – serious, interesting, weird or funny.     Hair loss, politics, gaming, organ donation, sloths… you name it, there might be an episode on it!

BBC Friday Night Comedy
So funny I sometimes worry I will crash the car laughing.

Investigative journalism looking into the real-life case of a student accused of murder.  A true story told over a series of episodes.  Very good if you haven’t listened to this one yet!

Next on my download list..is A History of the World in 100 Objects.  I love a history and a good fact so this sounds right up my street!

What else should I be listening to?


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