My favourite orchard recipes

IMG_6196If you’ve got fruit in your garden or your neighbours have loaded you up with fruit and you’re wondering how to use it up, then read on!

Facebook followers of Lou Likes may have seen my post about a brilliant apple gadget which peels, cores and slices with the turn of a handle (it’s true! you can see the product here).   I also have a dehydrator which I use to make apple rings – great for snacks on the go and helping the apples last (mine is from Lakeland).

Here are a few of my favourite recipes that I make with the fruit from our garden:


Eating apples
recipe-image-legacy-id--22870_12Flat apple and vanilla tart: super easy yet looks very impressive! I use the BBC Good Food recipe




Cooking applesIMG_6198
Nothing beats a good apple crumble in my view!  I follow Delia’s advice from her  “Complete Cookery Course” (remember this?!) as I love cinnamon and cloves with the apples (for the filling: gently stew 900g Bramley apples, 75g raisins, 25g soft brown sugar, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon cloves).  I also use her suggestion of replacing half the flour with oats for a slightly healthier topping:

225g flour (half of this can be oats, unsweetened muesli or chopped nuts)
75g butter
75g soft brown sugar

Rub the flour and butter together then stir in the sugar and oats/nut if using.
Once you’ve assembled it, it will take 30-40 minutes in a 160 fan oven.  I sometimes turn the grill on the last few minutes for an extra crunchy top!

Great stewed and served with porridge, yogurt or ice cream.  These plum crumble slices are really good too!  I’ve recently re-discovered a love of roasted beetroot so this recipe for beets, plum and pecan salad caught my eye as one I’d love to try!

I would love to hear your orchard recipes as we also have lots of pears which I find hard to use at just the right time!

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