Mummy MOT

It’s been lovely to have 2 months’ of summer holidays, but I’m looking forward to all of us being back in a routine. Routine for the boys and for me. The odd treat has turned into too much of a habit for me and the ratio of treats to exercise has become completely top heavy.

I recently took my car in for an MOT and service and caught myself wishing for my own MOT (minus the expensive diagnosis of new clutch…) so here is my own “inside and out” MOT check list. I’d love to know your tips for getting back on track!

Healthy eating:
My go-to cook books include Joe Wicks (the chicken and chorizo recipe on page 38 of his original Lean in 15 book is amazing, as is the chicken with smoked paprika and almonds on page 54!) and Davina’s Sugar Free In A Hurry (tonight I’m making the pan-fried fish with hot tomato salsa on p76, which is yummy, and a bonus to be using tomatoes from our greenhouse!).


If you’re after some more professional inspiration check out heal-yourself-happy on Facebook or Instagram by my gorgeous friend Ali.  She is a holistic health coach (more on that later) and also a busy mum so her recipe recommendations are always healthy, delicious yet realistic!

We all know it’s good for us, but it’s sometimes hard to stick at it!  If you are local to me, Reigate based Pip Skinner runs the Fit Mummy Club which includes fantastic group and personal training sessions. I also love the Davina DVDS. Her Toned In Ten definitely leans towards a more Pilates-based style which I love and it has a good mix of cardio too.  I’m also keen to try the “7 minute workout” app which a friend recommended.

We’re all sometimes guilty of feeling guilty about me-time! I’m getting back to setting myself some regular time to indulge in my favourite past-time: reading (preferably in a hot bath with a glass of wine).  I’ve got a long reading wish list (some of which you can see here).   What do you do just for you and have you got it planned in?

Motivation and mind:
All the above sounds great in theory, but am I the only one who starts off with good intentions only find they quickly wane? Or I procrastinate, putting off going for that run. I’ve been listening to Mel Robbins’ 5 second rule on Audible (the actual book is of course also available) but her TED talk is a great place to start to stop the chatter in your head and, to clone a slogan, just do it!

I’m also finding a lot of sense in The SHED Method by performance coach Sara Milne Rowe. The idea is that you need to build a good “shed” (Sleep, Hydrate, Exercise and Diet) to take care of yourself and others around you. My favourite quote from one her clients on leaving for a massage appointment was calling to her kids and husband “I’m just off for a massage for all of us”.

Lou’s top tip: I’ve recently been working with Ali at Heal Yourself Happy after I was feeling a bit “meh”.  A holistic health coach will cover any aspect of your health, both inside and out to help improve health and wellbeing.   For me, I need accountability – someone to set me homework if you like! We’re covering not just physical energy, but also mental energy. For others, it may be a different approach.  Ali offers a whole range of individual and group programmes and I thoroughly recommend her!


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