Things to enjoy: Primo Vino


Update: Sorry! The 1st 10 lucky recipients have already nabbed the samples so this opportunity is now closed but we’ll soon be sharing details of how you can get hold of your own supplies of Primo Vino.

Receive some Primo Vino!
Some of you may know that I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a few early tasters of Primo Vino.  It’s a really elegant semi-sparkling Italian wine which comes in a can containing a (very generous I think!) individual serving (recyclable and no glass so kinder to the environment too).

I sometimes enjoy it when I fancy some fizz and “Mr Lou” is testing his home brew (no explosions in the airing cupboard…so far).

Primo is made by Gancia, Italy’s oldest and most-respected Prosecco business and is made in the same way as Prosecco. Gino D’Acampo described Gancia as the “Grand-daddy of all Prosecco’s”.   Sounds good enough to me!

We’ve been asked for our collective wisdom since the majority of us are of course partial to a glass or two of the sparkly stuff and are the target female (sorry Dad!) market.

The first ten responders* to say “yes” in the comments box at the bottom of this page will be the lucky recipients of a sample. Once you receive your sample, our friends at Primo Vino would like your answer to the following question**:

“Primo Vino is a great way to kick-start any night.  What phrase or word best describes this “cheeky little livener” before you meet the girls?”

Once you’ve enjoyed your Primo Vino, the best phrase or word will receive a case as an additional thank you!

*shipping is within the UK only I’m afraid and you’ll of course have to be prepared to give me your address separately to pass on but it won’t be used for anything else we promise!

**we will let the lucky recipients of the samples know how to post your answers on Lou Likes’ Facebook page

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