Things to do: classic board games


We love games in our house and the recent wet Sunday was a good excuse to stay in and crack out a few favourites, including the Cluedo I had as a child. It got me thinking about the classics which we love and some which we enjoy now that they’ve been adapted and updated.

Monopoly – we still have my grandparents’ Monopoly which includes the playing pieces of the iron, boot and top hat (the latest version apparently includes a T-Rex, penguin and a rubber duck).

We love playing the original (and when the boys were younger Junior Monopoly) but for those who enjoy a bit of creativity and something a bit different, “My Monopoly” has been a big hit.  It allows you to create your own “properties”, playing pieces, chance and community chest cards.  The board game includes instructions for downloading an app which you use to upload your photos and creations. Print out the results using the special sticker sheets.  I’ll be honest, it took a few goes to get the printing right but the end result is really fun.  In our version you can buy Legoland, a family friend’s house and can get fined for falling asleep in class!  My eldest got really creative making it and was able to use the app independently.  Definitely recommend as a gift or a new family game and you can view it here on Amazon

Yahtzee – I have no doubt that the paper version I loved as a child still exists, but the electronic version gets extra competitive and adds a timed element guaranteed to give you a frisson of a excitement as you race to beat the other players and the clock.

Twister – another one for which the box definitely dates me (some fantastic corduroy flares are worn by the eager competitors on the front) but is still very fun (although less so on some Sunday mornings…).  We’ve recently also been enjoying the latest version which has new challenges such as “spinner’s choice” “air” where you must put your foot or hand in the air.  Fun new additions.

Trivial Pursuit – we have the family edition which has separate boxes of questions for kids and adults which means we can actually play together and all enjoy it with an genuinely equal chance of winning (or stropping when losing…!).

Lou’s top tip: if like me you’ve still got your original Cluedo and are running out of the Detective Notes, I have scanned them so let me know if you need a copy and I can email it to you!

What do you remember playing as a child that you are still playing?

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