Domestic tip: getting rid of that freezer smell from silicone ice cube trays

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With the UK Bank Holiday this weekend, we’re certainly looking forward to hosting friends for a BBQ.  If you’re entertaining make sure you don’t spoil your drinks with ice cubes that taste of your freezer!  Here’s my top tip if you use silicone ice trays…

A few weeks ago, “Mr Lou” came home and thought I’d finally gone mad.  “Errm, did you mean to put the ice cube trays in the oven?” he began tentatively, not knowing what kind of reaction he would get.  “Yes!” I replied “I’m testing something!”.

What I was testing was the result of a series of trials to get rid of that freezer smell from the silicone ice cube trays.  There’s nothing worse than a G&T tasting of old fish fingers and that musty freezer smell.  I’d already tried giving them a thorough wash and using bicarbonate of soda amongst other things but the taste was still evident with every fresh batch of ice.

Then I read what sounded like an odd solution but I thought it was worth giving it try and it worked!

Stick your silicone ice cube trays in the oven for a couple of hours at around 180C.  You may notice that freezer smell at first as they heat up but it soon goes and your ice cube trays will be as fresh as a daisy!

Remember though to check that your ice cube trays are actually silicone as I don’t have any tips for removing melted plastic from your oven!

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