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Having returned from holiday a few weeks ago, I’m still trying to maintain that guilt-free feeling of sitting down and losing myself in a book.   I’m currently reading The Boy with the Topknot by Sathnam Sanghera, an amusing and heartfelt memoir of a boy growing up in Wolverhampton.

Here’s what else I’ve enjoyed this summer:

I Am Pilgrim – Terry Hayes: gripping story of an undercover agent trying to solve a series of international crimes.  Quite a hefty read and definitely recommend this one if you’ve got time to sit down and read in chunks as there are multiple threads but which come together oh so cleverly to keep you absolutely on the edge of your seat!

Easy read:
The Break – Marian Keyes: characters are witty and easy to love; a great holiday read.

Travel fiction (not sure that’s an official category?!):
Cartes Postales – Victoria Hislop: this is almost like a book of short stories but held together by a central story; a really interesting approach exploring different parts of Greece with real-life photos showing elements of Greece which are far from the touristy images which most of us have in our minds.

Lost and Found – Geneen Roth: a friend sent this one to me so I was intrigued to read the author’s thought-provoking reflections on losing all her money in the Bernie Madoff scandal.

A Year of Yes – Shonda Rhimes: I have a complete girl crush on this amazing creator of shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.  She narrates the book herself and I was amazed at how someone so brilliantly talented could be so insecure.  Honest and insightful.

More fiction on my long wish list includes:
The Tattooist of Auschwitz – Heather Morris
Goldfinch – Donna Tartt
Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste Ng
Let Me Lie – Claire Mackintosh (her others such as I Let You Go and I See You are brilliant if slightly creepy thrillers!)
Truly Madly Guilty – Liane Moriarty (the author of the recently televised Big Little Lies; again would recommend anything by her!)

What have you enjoyed?  I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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